The problem

See what happens when your service is unavailable.

Unavailable services can cause financial loss, damage to your brand and loss of your client's trust.

Denial of Service attacks are used to cover data theft and other types of cyber crimes.

A large number of companies lose between 100.000 and 1.000.000 dollars each hour due to unavailable services.

Our Solution

We offer unique and high-quality services.

Battle Tested

Our product was tested with our clients and partners on several attack scenarios.

Low Cost

Our solution has low cost when compared to the alternatives. You have the flexibility to use it alone or alongside other solutions.

Non Invasive

We do not collect or analyse your traffic. Keep your data and your client's data safe.


Avoid financial loss and loss of credibility by keeping your services always available.

Real Time

See what is happening with your application in real time through our tool.

Little Infrastructure

Our solution requires very little infrastructure, you can deploy it in almost any device.

Why choose us?

Our team is highly qualified and has years of experience in the field.


Our team has been doing academic research and development in the field for years.


Our team is highly qualified. We have majors and doctors in the field.


You will be in direct contact with the team that researched and developed the solution.

State of the Art

We work with the most recent developments in the field, having published several papers nationaly and internationaly.

About Us

Learn more about us.

Actions Security was founded in 2017 by researchers at the Federal University of Paraíba's Network Laboratory. After years researching and developing solutions to combat denial of service attacks, we decided that it was time to bring our results to the market. Thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired through the years, we feel that we are prepared to deliver the best solution using the most recent technologies to our clients.


Develop high quality and low cost security solutions to assure that our client's services stay always available, bringing more value to all our clients.


We aim to become a big security consulting company and to bring the results of our work to clients around the globe, delivering even more quality and innovation.


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Value people

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